Fun With Online Gaming!


This is an oldie but a goody from way back in my Everquest days (2004ish).

Part of me is irritated that I was so kind to him, but then the gamer in me remembers that I was more focused on the game than my own irritation with unsolicited cock – it doesn’t shock or upset me, it just annoys me.   Especially when I’M TRYING TO KEEP THE MAIN TANK ALIVE WHILE FIGHTING A BOSS.

dandaek (00:11:39): howdy

dandaek (00:11:48): looks grainy as hell

vortexbetty (00:11:57): little bit, yes

dandaek (00:12:05): can you see me at all?

vortexbetty (00:12:33): yeah, I can, it’ sjust not crystal clear

dandaek (00:12:45): gonna be on here during the day at all tomorrow?

vortexbetty (00:12:58): no, I work all day. zzzz

dandaek (00:13:11): what time you get off?

vortexbetty (00:13:24): 5pm pst

dandaek (00:13:37): let me see you

dandaek (00:14:45): don’t have to type anything, just want to see your body while i get off

vortexbetty (00:14:56): hmmm….no.

dandaek (00:16:56): fuckin thing keeps freezing up, sec

dandaek (00:17:18): eq is fuckin me up

vortexbetty (00:17:48): HEHE

dandaek (00:18:19): tell me what to do, can’t take clothes off tonite, but what do you want to see?

vortexbetty (00:18:38): not necessary

dandaek (00:18:55): big enuff for you?

This is where I glance up from healing my group in Everquest to see – OH HI…He’s whipped out his little pecker on cam. OH GLORIOUS DAY…not

vortexbetty (00:19:39): hmmm. hi….nice dick?.

dandaek (00:19:50): ty

vortexbetty (00:19:59): you’re welcome…

dandaek (00:20:11): love your body

dandaek (00:20:15): do you want to fuck me?

dandaek (00:20:54): let me see you Lisa…please

dandaek (00:21:06): just till i cum

dandaek (00:21:21): you’ve got perfect breasts

vortexbetty (00:21:28): Ugh, I’ve got to go to bed soon

vortexbetty (00:21:35): but thank you.

dandaek (00:21:52): will you send me more pics of your body tonite when you log?

dandaek (00:22:03): then i’ll stfu about it

vortexbetty (00:22:16): There’s plenty already posted…public view.

dandaek (00:22:39): tell me what to do, not gonna type anything else till you do

dandaek (00:23:13): Is this good enuff to get me round 2 tomorrow nite?

dandaek (00:24:11): like i said, i love your body, want more of you

dandaek (00:25:19): want me to stfu and get off already?

vortexbetty (00:25:36): up to you, I’m in a CH Rot. LOL (DEFINITION TIME: CH Rot is a healing character’s  function in EQ)

dandaek (00:26:33): want to hear your voice some time while i do this btw

vortexbetty (00:26:58): you’re a little bossy.

dandaek (00:27:22): lookin at the pic of you on my screen right now, sorry, just love what i see over here

dandaek (00:27:27): want more of it is all

dandaek (00:28:00): the quality of picture really about to look bad, gonna speed up to blur, sorry about that

dandaek (00:30:02): cumming…

vortexbetty (00:30:21): not watching.

dandaek (00:30:46): you owe me now…lol

vortexbetty (00:30:52): Oh, I do?

vortexbetty (00:30:53): …

dandaek (00:30:57): lmao

dandaek (00:31:06): gonna turn this bad boy off now

dandaek (00:31:09): *bow*

vortexbetty (00:31:18): /wave

One day later…

vortexbetty (22:05:59): hi

dandaek (22:06:23): how ya doin?

vortexbetty (22:07:28): doin ok…in game on my ghey ranger

dandaek (22:07:36): that’s kewl

dandaek (22:09:28): was thinkin of gettin off in a few…any chance you’d be up for hookin me up with a little motivation? let you see mine if you let me see yours

vortexbetty (22:10:05): I don’t show ‘mine’

vortexbetty (22:10:13): on cam…live action..etc.

dandaek (22:10:14): talkin about boobs, nothin else btw

dandaek (22:11:50): that’s fair, any chance you could send me a pic then? wanted to be looking at you if i did it, or hell, just turn on your cam and let me see you? your hawt and all that

vortexbetty (22:12:07): you know where my pics are

dandaek (22:12:15): i do?

vortexbetty (22:13:25): all over our fuckin message boards, m’dear

dandaek (22:14:06): damn, lol. did you want round 2 or should i fly solo this time around?

vortexbetty (22:14:26): I can’t play with you.

dandaek (22:15:21): ok


The following day…


dandaek (23:46:47): your too hawt girl

vortexbetty (23:47:19) K

dandaek (23:47:47): you able to play with me tonite?

vortexbetty (23:48:17): sitting here w/ a house full of offspring and their friends atm.

dandaek (23:48:32): they reading this?

vortexbetty (23:48:43): Um…no

vortexbetty (23:48:44): =\

dandaek (23:49:32): why don’t you send me a tell on here later then? if you feel like watching…

vortexbetty (23:49:56): ok

dandaek (23:50:48): you’re very beautiful btw, seriously

vortexbetty (23:51:05): …ty

dandaek (23:51:23): should i wait up for you tonite?

vortexbetty (23:51:51): ?

dandaek (23:52:48): what would i have to do to get a picture of you that no one else has seen on the boards, just between us? i’ll soooo fuckin do eet

vortexbetty (23:52:57): hahaha

vortexbetty (23:53:00): no

dandaek (23:53:10): i’ll give you a show every nite, lol

dandaek (23:53:35): not even hittin you up for anything perved out, just something that no one else has seen in the guild

vortexbetty (23:53:57): I will um…give that some thought or somethin.

dandaek (23:54:15): yea yea sure…lol

vortexbetty (23:54:27): lol

dandaek (23:55:08): ok, send me something and i’ll be your sweet bitch

vortexbetty (23:55:15): ROFL!!! @ sweet bitch

dandaek (23:55:31): will turn on my cam right f’n now if you wunt, lol

vortexbetty (23:55:41): noo not now. lol

dandaek (23:56:20): aight girl

dandaek (23:56:59): don’t think your in the mood to chat, just wanted to tell you how unbelievable you look. want round 2 with you soon if your comfortable with it

vortexbetty (23:57:10): ty

vortexbetty (23:57:16): yeah timing. heh

dandaek (23:58:03): fair enuff, nite beautiful

vortexbetty (23:58:09): night

Yeah, he’s back…

dandaek (21:52:59): kinda feels like i’ve been smothering you last few days, not trying to

vortexbetty (21:53:14): no kiddin

dandaek (21:54:00): just haven’t been able to figute you out, lol

dandaek (21:54:04): figure even

vortexbetty (21:54:12): don’t bother.

vortexbetty (21:54:12): =P

dandaek (21:54:29): you seem to have more personality in your little finger than all the other girls in the guild put together

vortexbetty (21:54:52): that’s not saying much.

dandaek (21:55:03): good point =P

dandaek (21:55:23): so what i gotta do to get your attention then???

vortexbetty (21:56:32): set my hair on fire

dandaek (21:56:49): nonononono, i like eet



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