I don’t care about Joss Whedon

I don’t care about Joss Whedon.

I don’t care that Joss Whedon is a doughy man-boy who fucked girls that were attracted to his personae, young women who he never would have fucked had he been “Joss, that dude that cleans your toilets”.

I don’t care that he called them “needy, aggressive young women” because this was the sniveling “I’m sorry, but this is why I’m not the total worst” letter he wrote to his wife when he selfishly decided to unfetter himself with the guilt of his years of lying to her…not a public statement.

I don’t think he’s a “fake feminist”. I don’t even know what that means.

I think he’s a flawed human being who banged other people he shouldn’t have because, like a lot of idiots (male and female), he was flattered by the attention of hot chicks. Because, and I’m sorry, but fucking look at that schlumpy fuck.

If I was his wife, I’d be pissed, hurt, and embarrassed. Jesus. I’ve been there.

And if I were any of the women he called “needy, aggressive girls”, I’d be annoyed but laughing as I recalled what was probably clammy fumbling in a dressing room somewhere and thinking, “Oh, ok, dude…sure. Your protests were legit. Sooo sorry I pressured you to stick your dick in me repeatedly, you fucking nerd.”

I’m sure he is like a myriad of other men his age that aren’t total misogynistic cunts, who actually do, in fact, think men and women should receive equal treatment, and, like a lot of men AND women, still reacts to his libido without any of that whole “thought” thing to get in the way. Fuck, I know I have more than once.

He’s said plenty of “the right things” over the years, he’s called out people for blatant fuckery, and he probably absolutely did some of it from his fucking smartphone with a 20 something woman willingly sucking his dick.

Some men and women are just not any good at monogamy. And they hurt people in the process of trying to convince themselves that they are. Sometimes it’s one selfish asshole in the relationship, sometimes everyone involved is an asshole.

He’s no hero. Fucking obviously. He wrote some cool shit and we enjoyed/enjoy some of his product. If we, as a populous, didn’t hero-worship commercially successful artists, Joss would probably still be fapping it to comic books.

Throw your pitchforks at someone else though. Jesus. He’s not a rapist, he’s not Cosby, he’s not a high school teacher, and I don’t see a bunch of people coming out going, “God I hated that dick in my mouth”. If I find out later that he banged kids, I will take this all back.

He’s a dingus who should have gotten a divorce 15 years ago instead of pretending he was Captain Familyman and maybe should have rethunk that pathetic letter he sent to the woman he fucked around on.


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