Let People Eat

Someone on social media recently posted that, if you’re feeling alone in the world, the quickest way to rectify that is to post that you were going to start a new diet. Can’t remember who stated that, but I’ve damn sure seen evidence a thousand times over even when (especially when) you didn’t ask for advice. And all you did was state that you were going to start eating differently, whether it was to lose weight, to feel better, to change how you feel in some way or another.

Other than the oh-so-helpful yet unsolicited suggestions you see in the comment sections of people’s diet-related social media posts, what you see just as much is people coming onto these threads to tell the poster just how it won’t work. How they’re going to fail.

That won’t work, this is what you need to do instead.

That won’t work, let me tell you why you will fail because I failed.

That won’t work, this worked for me, so I know it will work for you.

Here’s the thing, our bodies are all run by slightly different engines. Our bodies are unique.

Are their other bodies like ours? Yes. Absolutely. But Mine isn’t the same as yours and yours isn’t the same as his or hers over there. Probably not anyway.

Your way is not foolproof.

Your friend’s way isn’t guaranteed to fail because it didn’t work for you, or because you read a thing somewhere.

You don’t need to warn someone against diabetes or about the dangers of wheat; their body isn’t necessarily going to be sensitive to gluten or sugar like yours is.

You don’t need to warn someone about dairy; Some people’s (mine for example) have absolutely no anger issues with cow-boob products.

You don’t need to warn someone away from a high fat and high protein diet; While you may be genetically predisposed to high blood pressure or cholesterol issues, someone else may not be at all.

Even if you have read all the things, there are so many “the things” out there that don’t apply across the board. Many of “the things” are produced just to get your money out of your hands and into someone’s profits.

“The things” aren’t always wrong, but they’re not always right. Not even if a doctor has said so because another doctor will say otherwise.

I have a fancy certificate in nutrition. I know a lot of “things.” That still doesn’t make me the all-knowing wizard of what your particular body’s engine runs best on.

It’s kind of like psychotropic meds. One type of anti-depressant will work wonders on one person and save their fucking life. But it will send another person into a pit of despair, lethargy, anxiety, hives, hallucinations, weight loss, weight gain, and so on.  The next brand will work, maybe even on the first dosage that’s tried. How wonderful.

When it comes to food:

Portion control works for some bodies to feel better and/or lose excess weight. Not all.

Eliminating fat works for some bodies to feel better and/or lose excess weight. Not all.

Severely limiting carbohydrates works for some bodies to feel better and/or lose excess weight. Not all.

Eating nothing but bread, full-sugar soft drinks, cheese and ice cream works for some bodies to feel better and/or lose excess weight (ok, doubtful on that last part). Not all. My mother is nearly 90 and as healthy as a horse. This is how she eats. This diet would kill me.

Let people live. Let people figure out what works. What serves them. What pleases them. Offer your “expertise” if asked, but don’t pretend that what you have to offer is on any level an expert opinion for someone other than you.

And that goes for people who are just trying to post about food they love and have no intention of losing weight. They just want to enjoy the food and maybe share the joy they feel about that food with their friends.

Shut up.

Let people eat.

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