At the suggestion of a friend of mine whose writing, along with the subject matter he tackles, truly bring me joy, I am starting a new regular column.

The working title is: Brief Biographies of Badass Bitches:
Tagline: Women you might not know but should.

I have a lot (A LOT) of Facebook content, many of it consisting of photos that move me enough to save, and of those collections, there are two that I hold most dear.

One is my “Women Who Rock” album, a photo collection of women who have made their mark in one way another in rock n roll, a landscape of which is still very much a man’s world for some reason.

The other is one that is currently titled “Strength.”

The latter used to be titled, “Balls,” a tongue-in-cheek nod to the sadly-outdated and never accurate believe that you have to have literal balls to be tough as fuck and/or command authority.

I finally got sick of even the joke of it all and renamed it “Strength” because every woman in it, whether you like it or not, personifies strength.

And every one of these women deserves to have their story told and retold. And you deserve to hear that story.

I wrestled a bit with using the word “Bitches” in my title. I don’t personally find it offensive, but I know many do and I completely understand why. But I’m also not ready to let go of a word many of us have reclaimed as our own after having it wielded as a gendered weapon towards those of us who are still struggling for equal footing. Also, it starts with B and I like it better than Broads or Babes. So there it stays for now.

Or it stays forever. I do what I fucking want.

I look forward to sharing these with you. I look forward to you seeing yourself in them.

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