Construction Zone!

Ahoy –

Just a quick note to let you know that this site is under construction. No, no one hacked the site, no I didn’t delete anything, things are just being moved around a bit and eventually redesigned.

Please catch me on my Facebook page – you know, the one you found me on – in the meantime.

Back soon with a facelift…or whatever. :)~


2 thoughts on “Construction Zone!

  1. Can you please explain how i get banned from Facebook, for posting on your site, over defence of a woman, told to a male, who didn’t even have the basic facts correct, concerning Britney Spears. I explained. I posted articles on mental health abuses. I got blocked standing up for one of your articles.


    • Super tired and reading this with one eye closed to focus, but not sure what you’re talking about…haven’t banned anyone from my page in over a week.

      Also, it’s amazing that I even saw this lol


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